Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

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Entertainment and Music Business, Mike Curb College of


Media Studies

BURS Faculty Advisor

Dr. Syb Brown

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Oral Presentation


Our data is extremely valuable. Especially for companies who can use our personal data for profit. How convenient is it when you see an ad for something you’ve mentioned earlier that day or something that completely matches your taste? Our data is not safe; when you sign up for social media platforms, you are giving them the right to your personal information. And with that right, they are able to give that information to companies who seek it, and those companies will use it against you. What does all of this mean, and what can we as a democracy do to help us not fall apart? You have probably heard that companies sell our data and you most likely don’t realize how much money big tech is making off of us. Not to mention the rapidly advancing technology of deep fake algorithms that make it possible to make anyone say and do things that they never said or did. Data ignorance is a big problem in society today. Due to the lack of advocacy and education on data privacy and the laws surrounding it.