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As an example of large and public space acoustics, we will apply the method to the interior of the Rochester Savings Bank located in downtown of Rochester. This 1927 building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), with historical significance for art, architecture and commerce. The above photo shows the ornately decorated main hall, whose coupled volumes and diverse materials create particular acoustical and sensory features.


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RSB_S1_NTID_R2_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R2_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R3_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R3_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R4_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R4_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R5_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_NTID_R5_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R2_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R2_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R3_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R3_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R4_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R4_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R5_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S1_YMH_R5_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_NTID_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_NTID_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_NTID_R2_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_NTID_R2_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_YMH_R2_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_YMH_R2_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_YMH_R4_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S3_YMH_R4_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S5_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S5_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S5_YMH_R4_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S5_YMH_R4_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_NTID_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_NTID_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_NTID_R6_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_NTID_R6_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_YMH_R6_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S6_YMH_R6_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_NTID_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_NTID_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_NTID_R7_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_NTID_R7_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_YMH_R1(-12dbDown)_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_YMH_R1(-12dbDown)_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_YMH_R1_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_YMH_R7_SHEAR_BI.1.wav (647 kB)
RSB_S7_YMH_R7_SHEAR_BI.2.wav (647 kB)



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