University Archives And Special Collections

University Archives And Special Collections

University Archivist and Curator of Galleries: Molly Randolph

Belmont University Special Collections procures, preserves, and interprets the objects and papers related to Belmont University history and its holdings. The collection also incorporates a larger Nashville story, including collections relating to the music history of Nashville, which is also a Belmont story.

Items in Special Collections, as well as all content and artifacts that have been curated by the Lila D. Bunch Library, are part of the historical record of Belmont University. The materials in this collection document a specific time and place, including the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which they were created. Thus, this Collection (and others in the historical record) may contain content and artifacts that may be harmful or offensive to viewers. Nothing included in this collection, or any other collections, represents the views or opinions of Belmont University, which seeks to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.


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