Teaching Center April Workshops

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Spring 4-27-2021


Presented by Lillian Nave, UDL Coordinator in the Appalachian State University Center for Academic Excellence. She is also host of the ThinkUDL podcast: https://thinkudl.org/ . Dr. Nave’s Bio is available here: https://thinkudl.org/about-think-udl

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) considers the "what," "how" and "why" of learning as it incorporates scientific insights into how humans learn. This workshop will include time for interaction among participants, and dialogue with the presenter. By the end of the workshop session, participants will be able to:

  1. Recall that providing options for self-regulation is an important checkpoint in the UDL guidelines (the WHY of learning & affective networks of the brain)
  2. Explain that valuing reflection comes from a culturally integrated (as opposed to individuated) perspective
  3. Choose interventions in their teaching practice to provide students with multiple means of engagement through self-assessment and reflection

The 4-minute video at this link provides some broad information about UDL. http://www.cast.org/our-work/about-udl.html#.X1fLWHlKi70


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