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Belmont in Norway


Aurland, Norway


Local Culture/Daily Life


This photo, to me, represents everything Norwegian. I took the picture during our stay in Aurland where every day at 5 p.m., our hosts would serve coffee and tea. I remember sitting down at this table with my cup, looking out at the remarkably beautiful landscape, and having to pinch myself because it all didn't seem real. I loved this time of day because it seemed everyone on the trip took this time to reflect, observe, and admire the incredible mountains and fjords. As we learned while studying abroad, Norwegians have a deep relationship with nature and intentionally make time to soak it in. Although this picture was only one moment from the trip, it is a beautiful reminder to me of the Norwegians' mindset: to slow down and embrace the beautiful world around you.


Norway--Aurland herad; Landscapes


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