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World Religions & Identities


Granada, Spain




This photo is of one of the most beautiful landscapes I ever had the pleasure of exploring. A group of seven of us, Belmont students and even one of our awesome professors, woke up at 5:30am one morning while in Granada, Spain, and hiked a mountain to watch the sunrise over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The hike was long and hard and steep and sharp (small trail with large cacti), but upon reaching our destination, it was incredibly worth the trek. As we watched the sunlight cascade down the mountainside on that morning, we each sat silent, overcome with immense peace and a sense of heightened wonder at the beauty of God’s creation. This photo means the world to me; every time I look at it, I again feel those feelings of peace and wonder. I am reminded of how worth it it truly is to wake up early to see the sunrise. I am reminded of the beauty and goodness that exist in the world, even if sometimes it takes a little bit of hard work to find them. I am reminded of my love for adventure, the reason I wanted to study abroad in the first place. And I am reminded of that early morning in Granada, as well as the many other fantastic experiences our group shared throughout our time in Spain.




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