2019 Photo Contest



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Centers of European Modernism


Berlin, Germany


Local Culture/Daily Life


The Brandenburg Gate was never meant to be a center for protest and advocation. At this point in history it stands as a symbol of the past and as a tourist staple. Local Berliners know how to take advantage of the latter. With countless numbers of people flocking herder from all corners of the world, it has become the perfect place to spread a message. The banner in the back reads, "Every hour, a class dies because of war." A cause in Africa finds itself in Berlin, while a local girl finds herself in the center of both. No matter the distance, we are all affected by the plights of this world. We all have a responsibility to care. To see this young girl, our future, already learning how to care for our neighbors should stand as a beacon of hope for all, as well as a message--we must expose ourselves to the climate of neighboring nations. We can not ignore injustices, especially when we can make an impact regardless of our age, size, gender, or ethnicity. I've heard the future is female; I didn't know she'd be in elementary school. Let's give her a fighting chance, so she will know her own efforts can prevail and make a difference.


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