OTD Capstone Projects


This doctoral capstone project was completed through a partnership with National Seating and Mobility (NSM), which is a company that provides equipment to people with mobility needs. NSM’s needs were to make community resources more accessible to their clients. The goal of this project was to research, gather, and disseminate community resources available to adults and children with disabilities and their caregivers in Middle Tennessee. Through extensive research of local and national agencies, a comprehensive resource guide was created in two forms: one physical directory and one comprehensive website. The physical directory provides a brief overview of each agency, what service they provide, and their service area. The directory can be easily printed and distributed to clients during appointments. The comprehensive website provides a more in-depth description of what each agency provides, as well as various links provided by the agency’s website.

Publication Date

Spring 4-5-2021

Faculty Mentor

Sue Iliff, PhD, OTR/L


Occupational Therapy, School of


Health Sciences & Nursing, Gordon E. Inman College of

Document Type

Scholarly Project


Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Degree Level


Degree Grantor

Belmont University


people with disabilities; community resources; resources; research; Middle Tennessee; caregivers; adults with disabilities; children with disabilities