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The Belmont Law Review is an annually published student-managed, student-edited scholarly journal at Belmont University College of Law. Each issue of the Law Review publishes articles from law professors and practitioners, as well as notes from current law students. In addition to publication, the Belmont Law Review hosts an annual symposium on a topic significantly impacting the legal community.

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2 (2021)

Since its inception in 2012, the Belmont Law Review has enthusiastically sought to create and preserve a platform for intellectual exchange on topics affecting the legal profession. The members of this student-managed, student-edited scholarly journal dedicate themselves to facilitating, promoting, and engaging in valuable legal discourse through the Review's annual symposium, events, and publications.

Issue 2 of this volume comprises the scholarly work showcased at the January 2021 Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Administrative Law. This was the Review's first ever virtual symposium. The Review extends its gratitude to the presenters and panelists for their investment of time and their willingness to participate in our virtual event. Additionally, the Review extends its sincerest thanks to all of our authors for their scholarly contributions as well as the opportunity to publish these intriguing pieces.

The Review also wishes to express its appreciation for the commitment of the Belmont University College of Law faculty, staff, and administration in supporting and advancing the Review's goals and intentions. We extend particular gratitude to Professor Jeffrey Omar Usman, whose continued help and counsel has been vital in guiding the Review throughout its eight-year history

Lastly, I would like to thank our dedicated team of editors. This year was unlike any other year in the Review's history. Despite the unique challenges that came with publishing a scholarly journal and hosting a symposium during a pandemic, this team continued to work tirelessly to ensure the quality of this publication and the symposium remined at the highest level. I am extremely thankful for the hard work that each member put into this issue and our virtual event.



Pandemic, Politics, Public Health , and the FDA
Jordan Paradise and Becky Bavlsik


AI for Retrospective Review
Catherine M. Sharkey


Administrative Law Symposium Debate
Akram Faizer and Stewart Harris

Student Notes

Symposium Materials


Contemporary Issues in Administrative Law
Steve Darnell, Kristin Husat, and Sue Sheldon

Taylor Cross

Managing Editor
Rachel Mangan

Executive Articles Editor
Kelly Walker

Executive Notes Editor
John Nix

Executive Events Editor
Hannah Berny

Executive Symposium Editor
Madison Wait

Executive Development & Technology Editor
Joshua Kleppin

Executive Submissions and Transcripts Editor
Nathaniel Sherman

Submissions & Transcripts Editors
Ashley Gholston | Carson Hartig

Articles & Notes Editors
Tate Ducker | Meaghan Gray
Hannah Jones | Evan Montes-Dawson
Justin Powers | Alexandra Roberts
Austin Wells

Associate Editors
Wesley Barbee | Nicole Chanin
Mary Kathryne Charlton | Delaney Durst
Kasey Farmer | Hallie Gillam
Rebecca Gillette | Richmond Hall
Erik Halvorson | Ally Hicks
Joshua Hogan | Keil Huber
Maggie Hunt | Hannah Ketring Brown
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Kerissa Sheley | Alexandra Smith
Emily Webb | Jacob White

Faculty Advisor
Professor Jeffrey Omar Usman