Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

Publication Date

Spring 4-20-2020


LimboLand: A One-Act Play about Death, for kids

Megan Huggins

Thesis Director: James Al-Shamma, Ph.D

Thesis Committee: Shawn Knight, Jessica Mueller

A loose adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem Inferno, LimboLand uses Alighieri’s model of the nine circles of Hell to illustrate the five stages of grief. In a script designed for theatre for young audiences, Dante, a young child, travels through different rooms as he attempts to cope with and understand his sister’s death. Dante follows Virgil, an older child, who knows a lot about the afterlife system without understanding any of it. The play includes an appendix of additional scenes exploring the experiences of Dante’s sister, Beatrice, as she journeys through the afterlife. Following the script, the playwright reflects on the artistic process of developing LimboLand while graduating and completing her theatre degree in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faculty Advisor

James Al-Shamma, Ph.D

Document Type

Honors Thesis