Honors Scholars Collaborative Projects

Publication Date

Spring 3-21-2022


My senior project is an art exhibition entitled The Power of Places that explores the places that have shaped me and how they have done so through photography-centered multimedia collages, cyanotypes, and physical artifacts. This theme was born from the intensity of the emotional tie that forms between person and place, between heart and home. I believe we are a collection of the places that have shaped us. These places hold our stories, our memories, and everything that makes us who we are; we don’t notice it happening, but these locations become ingrained in our lives. I believe we are the product of the places that make us. Memories are written into us by the hand of their homes. This is how we connect to our surroundings- every place holds our stories, and when we visit those places, we don't only see a landscape, but everything that place means to us. We’ve all heard the saying “if these walls could talk.” This project is my way of speaking what they would say, describing everything they’ve seen. This series was meant to illustrate the way a place becomes an integral part of who we are.

Faculty Advisor

Doug Regen

Document Type

Honors Thesis