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Time Machine

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The album will be organic, raw, gritty country sound, inspired by vintage country/folk and bluegrass and encouraged by modern underground/alt country and new-wave folk.

Faculty Advisor

J. Rush Hicks

Document Type

Honors Thesis

01 Time Machine_FINAL.wav (49170 kB)
J.P. Robinette

02 All The Stars_FINAL.wav (45569 kB)
J.P. Robinette, William Sims

03 What I Deserve_FINAL.wav (57823 kB)
J.P. Robinette, William Sims

04 Jasper Coal_FINAL.wav (56149 kB)
J.P. Robinette, William Sims

05 Crawling Back_FINAL.wav (56844 kB)
J.P. Robinette, William Sims, Reid Sorel

Album cover mood board.pptx (4554 kB)
EP Marketing Plan.pdf (308 kB)
Can’t Complain DEMO.m4a (1498 kB)
Don’t Make Mama Cry DEMO.m4a (2491 kB)
William Sims

Forever My Heart DEMO.m4a (900 kB)
William Sims

Whiskey Tastes Like DEMO.m4a (393 kB)
William Sims

“Man Rules” Song Worktape.m4a (2190 kB)
J.P. Robinette

Copy of Stock Creek Waltz.wav (83641 kB)
J.P. Robinette

I Just Might Updated.m4a (1127 kB)
J.P. Robinette

Star Song 1.m4a (1637 kB)
Star song final.m4a (1102 kB)
Time Machine Song.m4a (516 kB)
i just might.pdf (54 kB)
J.P. Robinette

love song.pdf (56 kB)
J.P. Robinette, William Sims

stock creek waltz.pdf (58 kB)
J.P. Robinette

weed fiendin' queen.pdf (56 kB)
J.P. Robinette

Collaborative Reflection.pdf (66 kB)
Robinette_Personal Reflection.pdf (71 kB)
Sims_Personal Reflection.pdf (65 kB)
Sorel_Personal Reflection.pdf (22 kB)