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The existence of language barriers in the health care setting is a vital topic of study. This study assesses language barriers from the perspective of nurse-patient relationships, focusing on the Hispanic patient population in the Nashville, Tennessee area. A survey was designed using the Theory of Bureaucratic Caring by Marilyn Ray (2006) to investigate the current success, according to nursing perspectives, of healthcare facilities support of Hispanic patients to ensure quality outcomes and comprehension of care. The research design for this study was a non-experimental, descriptive study using a cross-sectional survey. The researcher used themes from the Theory of Bureaucratic Caring as a framework to construct the survey questionnaire. The results demonstrated that this study sample of nurses believe their facility successfully ensures quality outcomes for their patients with language barriers but does not ensure the comprehension of care for their Hispanic patients. The results demonstrate a need for further support of cultural competency of health care personnel and support for increased health literacy among the patient population.

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Honors Thesis