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While current literature identifies variables such as demographics, parental monitoring, and family functioning and their association with glycemic control in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus, there has yet to be sufficient evidence identifying and supporting the relationships between the level of maternal monitoring and adolescent psychological wellbeing. The purpose of this scholarly project was to assess whether higher levels of maternal monitoring of diabetes management practices was associated with fewer adolescent depressive symptoms and higher adolescent quality of life. The study sample consisted of 117 adolescents between the ages of 10 and 16 with type 1 diabetes and their mothers. Each mother completed the PMDC scale to measure the level of monitoring. Adolescents completed the CDI and PedsQL to assess depression and quality of life respectively. Median splits were conducted on the PMDC and the PMDC subdomains for comparison to the adolescent CDI and PedsQL scores through Mann Whitney-U tests. The level of maternal involvement in adolescent diabetes care was significantly associated with adolescent CDI scores and only moderately associated with PedsQL scores. Adolescents whose mothers monitored more had significantly fewer depressive symptoms than those whose mothers monitored less. Specifically, the monitoring of nonadherence, supervision of availability of medical supplies/devices, and oversight of diet subdomains were associated with better CDI scores. The results suggest that maternal involvement in diabetes care is a critical component to both adolescent physical and psychological wellbeing. Employing collaborative involvement in diabetes care can help fulfill the adolescents’ desire for autonomy while also maintaining the needed structure for appropriate diabetes control.



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Dr. Linda Wofford

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Dr. Sarah Jaser

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Dr. Angela Lane

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Dr. Joseph M. Price


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Scholarly Project


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Type 1 diabetes mellitus; Adolescents; Mothers; Parental monitoring; Adolescent depression; Adolescent quality of life; Collaborative involvement