Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)

Questionable Morals: Decision-Making Under Pressure

Sarah West, Belmont University
Kailey Ryan, Belmont University
Kate Downey, Belmont University
Rainah Ackley, Belmont University


Peer pressure has been an issue surrounding adolescents and young adults for many years. This study investigates the effects of peer pressure on decision-making, specifically moral decision-making. The participants, consisting of undergraduate Belmont University students, answered moral decision-making questions on Inquisit. They were shown a bar at the top of the screen that the participants were led to believe showed them the percentage of their peers that agreed with them. Each participant was randomly assigned to two groups, a positive interaction group showing a steadily increasing bar and a negative interaction group showing a steadily decreasing bar. Researchers found that the positive interaction group and the negative interaction group –results-. This study shows that –discussion about results-. Further research is suggested to further understand this phenomenon.