Belmont University Research Symposium (BURS)


Conflict Avoidance in Politics: Understanding the Divide Between Participation and Young American Adults

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of


Political Science, Department of

BURS Faculty Advisor

Dr. Nathan Griffith

Presentation Type

Oral Presentation


Conflict avoidance (CA) is a psychological method of negatively reacting to conflict. This method of coping has closely been examined in relation to familial relationships and relationships within the workplace. Politics, being thoroughly intertwined in confronting conflict between multiple parties, has been neglected in CA research. By observing the lack of political participation in young American adults, I ask whether conflict avoidance is more prevalent in young adults and whether that deters their political participation. In addition, I will specifically observe disenfranchised youths in politics -- specifically young women, young adults who are products of non-traditional units (single-guardian homes and only-child homes), and young adults with lower levels of education -- to see whether CA more negatively impacts their participation or if levels of CA are consistent among all youths in America.

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